Feathersongs For Factory Girls (Parts One & Two)

by Stripmall Architecture

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    » Feathersongs for Factory Girls - Double Compact Disc
    » Radium Girls - Promo Compact Disc
    » Pripyat and the Halcyon Versions - Compact Disc
    » Albino Peacock - Compact Disc
    » Feathersongs - Japanese-Only Release Compact Disc
    » Factory Girls - Japanese-Only Release Compact Disc/DVD Set
    » The Illusion of Success - DVD including interviews/live/videos
    » We Are Not Cool - Promo Compact Disc
    » Feathersongs for Factory Girls - Softcover Book with Exclusive Appendix CD
    » Poster
    » Postcard Set
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    Includes unlimited streaming of Feathersongs For Factory Girls (Parts One & Two) via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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released 20 April 2010
Rebecca Coseboom
Ryan Coseboom
Tim Hingston
Patrick Harte

Erica Mulkey
Maxine Nemerovski
Roberto Burgos
David Kerin

All songs by R/R Coseboom (Halousongs/BMI)
except Radium Girls by R/R Coseboom with Tim Hingston

Produced and Mixed by Ryan Coseboom
Mastered by Count

Illustration by Jody Pham. Layout by The Mystery Parade.

Pripyat inspired by the poetry of Lyubov Sirota.

© 2010 Stripmall Architecture



released September 27, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Radium Girls
Your own eyelash
Dipped in Radium
Careful fingers painting in the lines
Cheerful glow to indicate the time

Splattered with light
Down to the waist
The brush sweeps, mind fleets
Still it won't fade
It creeps in and in and never out
Now pretty girls glow underground
Tick tock - your hand on every wrist
And these sweet young girls
Were taught to trust
Lip tip, put fire in your cheek
It grows dim
Undark, undark, undark

Purposely uninformed
Girls who glow and can absorb the light
Unaware of catacombs inside

Make a small point
Keep the point tight
Focus your eyes
And draw the line
Track Name: Is This Science?
Fingertips and diagrams
And a verse stuck just because
You forgot what it was

All of this is buzzing round
While you try to rest
Head heavy on my chest

It's easy to dismiss you as a selfish man
It's objective fact acknowledged that you are
Let me be the prize object that you hoard
Let me curl myself around you and be yours

In your mind
Eternal force of movement
I am here
And you hardly notice

It's easy to dismiss me as the selfish one
It's objective fact - we all know that I am
If I can fill all needs you will always come to me
You become my charm, external self-esteem

It's comic
Mark of internal growth
It's sarcastic and greedy
We're all just politicians
All desperate and needy
A million gaping hearts
All longing for feeding
Track Name: Pripyat
We speak as particles
When we speak

We become chemicals
Where we are

Our town it wonders why
Its only guests are dreams
Memories that float like fog
Drift through missing windowpanes
And when the moonlight comes
Stars lie down like broken glass
And our poor town aches for us
Frozen times that cannot pass
Can never pass

Now the surrounding woods
Have moved into the town
Curious where children went
Who used to climb up in their boughs
Wild horses wander now
Where only our feet used to tread
Eating grass that grows around
The crumbling remnants of our end
Of our end
Track Name: There's Only So Much Light
I'm weak
I have the pills to prove
I'm weak
And when compared to you
I lose

There's only so much light
You take more than your share
There's only so much love
You take more than your share
There's only so much us
You take more than your share

I'm weak
I could tell you knew
I'm weak
And you took advantage
And when I'm compared to you
(As I cannot help but do)
I lose

There's only so much light
You take more than your share
There's only so much love
You take more than your share
Track Name: Sing Along, My Children
Sometimes it's hard to look up
It can be tough to pretend
That I'm not crumbling
Like ant hills in hard rain
The weight is heavy at times
The lines fall hard
And then I'm falling apart
A river that banks can't contain

It can be hard to see
Crumbling in your wake
Look at me; please don't turn
Is this what we deserve?
Is this all that we are?
Only this, nothing more?
Crumbling, all of us
In the sea, into dust

We learn though we stumble
Not through paths unchosen
We learn from upheaval
Not through words and tokens
We lack for example
Not for lofty sermons
We learn though we stumble
Sing along, my children
Track Name: Daylight Machine
His hand slid to her knee
She didn't want it there
But was not sure what to say
It was a tricky situation

Hollow hello

Her hand reached out and squeezed
She knew she'd had enough
And as he feel to his knees
She thought about tomorrow

Damn you and your selfishness
Now there's nothing left for us
Track Name: Ownsome
It's like bee stings
Broken bike chains
Empty weekends
Such is my frustration

Slow clock watchers
Know my longing

You're dead in my mind
I loose the kite strings
Not naturally forgiving

Do you think it just happens?
Do you think you just fall out of the way?
Do you think they won't notice?
Do you think it just happens?

It's hardly worth my time
And who knows why I try
Is there a point I'm missing?

I have the illusion of success
Cubicle, coffee, paper mess
I have the illusion of success
Track Name: Feathersong
Dear Dan,

I thought of you today
I saw a woman on the ferry
Holding up a baby girl
Just the age ours would have been
If I'd have had
If I had had
If I could have had the baby

You're a lazy cloud
Baby beating heart
You're laying on the ground


I hope this finds you well
Things here are just the same
Keeping busy with my work
Best to you

Track Name: Lemoncholic
Is bunker kissers what we are?
Through cinder blocks
We wander hand in hand
Apocalyptic wonderland

With our best dresses and blue suits
We stroll through stripmalls
With our cash in hand
It's our atomic motherland

Hide from enemies invisible
From threats and ends that are unthinkable
That never happen and they never will
Are we all lemoncholic?

Marvel at the pointlessness
Of secrets kept and now reclassified
It probably wasn't worth the time

Cement romantics in concrete
The fears we held have spilled out nationwide
Across the continent's divide
Track Name: Prussian Blue
What fit of rage?
What tiny hand moved?
How quickly it came
Quickly it tore

A symbolic swipe
Almost worse than a real knife
A symbolic swipe
Proved permanent, permanent

Mischievous mind
Mysterious motives
Unfortunate end
Unfortunate end

Thick, bold swaths of blue
What are you protecting?
What devious rays?
What dark, evil thoughts?

Blue, everywhere blue
A smile, unnerving
What fury propelled
Such application?

Innocently standing there
Damage done, beyond repair
Blue, the cause or blue, the cure?
Danger's impulsive

What have you done, baby, what have you done?
I had this together and now it's all gone
You took it and you broke it
You're so impulsive