We Were Flying Kites

by Stripmall Architecture

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released September 15, 2009

Thank you for listening.

Stripmall Architecture:

Rebecca Coseboom
Ryan Coseboom
Patrick Harte
Tim Hingston
Roberto Burgos
Erica Mulkey

All songs by R/R Coseboom (Halousongs/BMI)
Produced by Stripmall Architecture
Recorded in San Rafael and 3rd Nut Studios, Oakland
Mastered by Count
Design/layout by the Aether Bureau

Thank you:
Simon, Olivia and Orwell, Evan Sornstein, Shawn and I-Li + Bloodwire, David Kerin, Timothy Benton, Alex Rich, Count, Greg Kehret, Darren Layne, Halsted Bernard, Mike at n5md, Tim Arndt, Café Du Nord, The Rickshaw Stop, Bottom Of The Hill, Foxtail Somersault

Contact Stripmall Architecture: info@stripmallarchitecture.com




all rights reserved
Track Name: Her Words
I am told it was blue
It gets lost beyond that
With so many stories
Though her words are all mixed up
I still want to help
Though her words are all mixed up
I still try
I am told it was blue
Lining of purple hue
Which has also faded

She told me
She lost it
She's looking right at it
She told me
Things fall apart
Track Name: Gladhander
They say he's a good talker
Smiling glad hander
Confident door knocker
And he will get his way today
And you are behind the scenes
In the bowels of machines
And he is the face of things
And he will get his way today

It's a symbiotic thing
You'd have to dry swampy palms to make a deal
And you don't really want it that way
Or so he tells you

You are the engineer
You are the scientist
And he is the face of this
And this is what you want, isn't it?
And now you don't have to try
You've been infantalized
Out of the public eye
And this is what you want, isn't it?

As their expectations wane
And you shimmer like hot concrete in the sun
And it seems that you never could change
That's when you have to
I say you have to

And you say nothing
Track Name: Version
And the white is so smooth
It's getting harder to move
And it's not that you're mean
But you don't mean what you say.

You've got a Minnesota smile
False as it is wide
This secret is your beating heart
And what are lakes but holes
What is snow but cold
This secret is your beating heart

Things change on me
Ice melts away

You've got a Minnesota smile
Insincere and contrived
This secret is your beating heart

Discounted just like that it's hardly worth the breath to say it
Ridiculous display so out of character to do it
Discounted just like that it's hardly worth the breath
Track Name: Stop Thief
A near miss
A scrape
A narrow escape
A limit, a rule

Now, say it.
I dare you: say it.
Who says brave means unafraid?
You're caught, so say it.

Extended joint
The missing point
You never know exactly what brings it home
A broken bone?
A call too close?
So you say no, how do you know?

Stop Thief
I've been robbed of something
This is no drill
This is real, I assure you
Track Name: Bleached White
I must mine your mind
I am sure you understand
You have been where I am

Fragile, porous, and brittle
A forgotten mess of bones
I need help to fix

Please, will you release what I need?
I'm full up to the spill with what I don't need

Are you a sleek, wet salmon
Tiny, powerful blue heart
And a fierce direction?

Are you a bed of coral
Full to opaque with dark secrets
Or, are you bleached white?
Track Name: What's Wrong With The Kids Today?
It's not bad
This is nothing
You can't complain
You'll have to toughen
You've gone soft
With your computers
We did it all by hand
When I was younger

I've seen worse

Your calendar just cleared up
But still you'll find a way to complain
We always warned that this would happen
When you live just for yourself

It's not bad
You're building character
You'll look back one day
With a sense of wonder.
Track Name: A Trick Of Light
I wasn't sure if it was a stick, a smudge
I wasn't sure if I was below, above
A trick of light and shadow
Sometimes it's hard to know

Where did you come from?
From oil? From ocean?
Was I not meant to notice?
Then you disappeared
Did I miss you? Did I hit you?
Are you breathing? Am I dreaming?

And then a shock - it moved
A twitch, a groove
Did I give up too soon?
Egret or loon?
An eye reflecting my light

Did I give up too soon?
Heron, egret, or loon?
Track Name: Beauty Is Suffering
No one to protect you
Evening creatures snap and bite

Huddle up in a bunch
Group together little ones
Hide in the open

No one there to shield you
From the pecking birds in flight

It is wrong
It's the cost
It's the price of being small
All at once, you are nothing

As the outside shrivels
Oh, the soul is truly ripe

How you fought - how you paid
For the beauty that you made
You must see how it was worth it.

And as we pour and toast you
Revenge is yours but pleasure's mine

No one knows quite like you
With your life you have proved
That beauty's suffering

Hey, the machines are very loud
What did you say?
I'm asking you: what did you say?
Track Name: The Droplet Sounds
And on their ascent
Tiny bubbles collide
Become atmosphere

You act like the surface far up above
Is as high as it goes without testing
You've seen others go and come without event
But still you don't touch.

You give up
That's all
You give up
You say, "Well, I'm done"
You give up

You act like the night sky far up above
Is no more than a door
To where you are
And you are the fulcrum on which it all turns
And you never move

And you can not do right at all
And you can not go give it up
Track Name: We Were Flying Kites
How right you are
And you always are
How foolish we must seem
When you're looking down on it
How right you are
And you called it from the start
Now your energy returns
So that you can tell us

There's no gray
No opinion valid
Only one truth must exist
You're the guardian of this
And when someone sees different
It's not a challenge
They are wrong.
That is all
They are wrong.